The Promise of Weddings & More

Everything is ready for the wedding of your dreams in our lovely MONDI Resort Oberstaufen, where Allgäu is most beautiful. Whether in the narrow circle of your family or with a broad wedding company – the team of our MONDI Resort Oberstaufen and our partners from the region are ready to support you during your days full of romance, enjoyment, beauty and unforgettable experiences.

From registry marriage and church marriage, through culinary experiences all the way to musical framing and flower decorations, from photo reportage through a festively decorated oldtimer all the way to bridal couture styling, ... we will support you literally from A to Z, and together with our local partners we will make your wishes and visions for un unmatched and unforgettable wedding event come true, so that you and your guests remember this experience for the rest of your lives.

This is the promise of Weddings & More.

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