All-round fitness, wellness and spa offers await you at MONDI-HOLIDAY Alpenblickhotel Oberstaufen.

In the spacious indoor swimming pool with whirlpool and sunbathing terrace, you can enjoy a leisurely swim, keep fit with water gymnastics and then relax in the sauna, steam bath or solarium.

Keep-fit fanatics and the figure-conscious can get together in the fitness room to tone those muscles.

How about boosting your looks and morale? A rose essence bath, a soothing seaweed bath, a visit to the hairdresser and to top that a candlelight dinner to round off your wellness weekend.

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Pure bathing and sauna fun at the Aquaria adventure swimming complex

Immerse yourself in the bathing and sauna diversity of Aquaria. There's something for all tastes here. Loads of fun for bathers of all ages!

Outine of the facilities:

  • 100 m flume
  • 3 and 5 metre diving platform
  • outside pool with water attractions
  • 34° outside brine pool in use all year
  • sports pool 10 m x 25 m
  • white water circulation
  • 1000 sqm water world with underwater music
  • plunge pool with bubble and varying depth 0 m - 4 m
  • sun pavilion
  • relax-warm water pool 33° with whirl area and water jet loungers
  • indoor and outdoor paddling pool
  • large sunbathing lawn
  • baby changing room
  • spacious sauna area with relaxation rooms, fresh air terrace and bar
  • nudist sunbathing area in the sauna area with panorama view
  • whirlpools and water-air jets
  • wellness area "Massage-Stadl" with sun beds
  • high performance tanner
  • water bed massage
  • bistro and self-service restaurant

By the way, owners of the Oberstaufen PLUS Karte do not have to pay for the entrance. Enjoy this recreational fun for free!

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Massage practice at MONDI-HOLIDAY Alpenblickhotel Oberstaufen

Are you planning to switch off, relax and unwind on holiday? - then do something for body and soul and visit Anna Simon's massage bath and wellness practice. It's definitely worth it.

A wide range of therapy awaits you: classic massage with mud packs, medicinal baths, with hayflowers, whey, oxygen or carbonic acid.

Forget everyday stress and lie back in a rose or orange essence bath. Enjoy!

Lymph drainage, foot reflex zone therapy, chiropody, professional skin care, manicure and a nail studio, permanent make-up section are also at your disposal.

Kontakt: 08386-700-135 oder 0157-760 480 75

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